Scooter Discos For
3 - 8 Year Olds

Building a nation of fit, strong
and healthy children.

EYFS Programme
For Developing
Gross Motor Skills

Promoting A Healthy Active Lifestyle

Free Experience Day
worth £500

for your school included.

The Vision

Our overall vision is for families to start scooting everywhere together, including to school, parks, shops and friend’s houses.

The Scooter Revolution

The Scooter Revolution could change your school’s approach to physical activity. You could provide morning, lunch time and after school scooting activities as well as PE lessons as part of your curriculum. The Revolution benefits the whole school, engaging children, especially those unmotivated with traditional sports.

How will this happen?

We educate and train your staff giving them the skills necessary to be confident and competent in delivering scooter sessions.

The Revolution is self-sustainable and will leave you with a legacy beyond 2020, in line with the school sports funding objectives.

Scoot Fit:

EYFS building block of the Revolution, the start of your scooter journey.


Develop general motor skills, fundamentals, technique and skills required to scoot.

Establishing a healthy active lifestyle at school to continue at home.

What is Scoot Fit


PE Lessons:

Start using scooters as part of your school curriculum.


Develop skill and technique to be safe and competent on a scooter. Including standards of expectations and rules of scooting at a school. Establishing a healthy active lifestyle at school to continue at home.

What is The Impact


Scooter Shop:

Finance the Revolution and beyond with our Scoot Fit Scooter Shop.


Sell scooters and other equipment that promote an active, healthy lifestyle. The school receive a healthy margin of each product sold. To start, Scoot Straight provide all the essentials to implement this programme.

What You get


Join the Revolution and we support you all the way.

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